Farm Animals

I made a bigger version of the rtp cow and also some younger animals for the ship and my pig. Extra Credit goes to Pineda for the adult goose base!


Hunter Sprites

Some sprites I did. The red haired girl is for a portrait that Avery made. You can find her portrait in the rpgmakerweb ReStaff April 2015.




Simple as that. A cute pig. If I have time, I will do a smaller piggy, too. Palladinthug also made a cute eating animation for the pig. Please credit him, if you use it. How to use it: stepping animation for the blinking, a special moveroute for the eating: turn left, wait 15frames, turn right, wait 15frames, turn up, wait 15frames, turn down, wait 15frames.


Mine Lorry

This is a bigger mine cart, suitable to place VX/Ace or Mack sprites in it. For Mack sprites you may need to make the spritesheet bigger, because of their height. You will also need bigger lore tracks, which you can find here, too.